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XD Card Format Recovery - Recover XD Card Pictures after Format

Recover Pictures after Formatting XD Card
I have an XD card that stored thousands of pictures, but I mistakenly formatted the card just now. Thos pictures are quite important to me, but I know it will take lots of money if I ask professional data recovery service for help. So I want to perform the data recovery by myself. However, I have never done such a thing before. Therefore, I hope somebody can give me a clue. I will appreciate it very much if I can restore those deleted pictures with your help.

XD card, a type of memory card, is often used to store digital pictures. Since pictures are often unique and important, data loss from XD card becomes a terrible problem. Usually, the most common cause for XD card data loss is deletion. It frequently happens that XD card users mistakenly delete pictures on their digital camera or computer when viewing those pictures. 

Another common cause for XD card data loss should be formatting. Users can directly format an XD card on their digital camera. Or users can also format the XD card on their computer. In most cases, users often format an XD card and lose important photos by mistake. However, in some cases, users would format an XD card on purpose because the card is showing not formatted error or other errors.

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XD Card Format Recovery
After formatting XD card, you realize that you make a mistake and delete important photos due to formatting. At this time, you should stop reformatting the XD card. If you format the XD card on your digital camera, you should take it out off the camera and connect it to a computer by using a card reader. You should remember that you cannot write data to the XD card any more unless all lost files have been restored.
Now, you can use XD card recovery software to perform lost file recovery. You can free download the software and install it to a computer. When you run the software, you can see your XD card is recognized as an external drive on the software. You only need to select the XD card and allow the software to scan the card for lost files.

Usually, with help of XD card recovery software, you can restore lost photos as well as types of files in a short time. In the scanning process, you don’t need to wait until the end of the scanning and the software will show you all found files. The software is reliable and secure, so you can use it without any worry.

XD Card Format Recovery Tips
1. Don’t reformat XD card after formatting
2. Don’t write more data to the formatted XD card
3. Take out the XD card from digital camera and avoid cause physical damage to the card
4. Don’t save the recovered files to the original XD card

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